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Digital content pieces I managed and helped produce:

Cuba and the Caribbean Special Report

Immersive Learning Special Report

UM Responds Special Report

Climate Change Special Report

Zika Global Network Special Report

Aboard the F.G. Walton Smith

A Woven Fabric of Science, Discovery and Partnership

Featured Publications (reverse chronological order)

A Woven Fabric of Science, Discovery and Partnership

Aboard the F.G. Walton Smith

Connecting to Jewish Cuba

Wonder Women of Science

Poisoning a River of Grass

The Power of Art

Language and the Negotiation of Identities

The Art of Climate Change

Other Publications:

Understanding Pain through Science and Simulation

A Solid Business Partner for the Caribbean

American Caravan for Peace

UM Hillel: A Vibrant Patronato, the Cuban Jewish Community

Marrying Science and Policy in the Bahamas

The Lowe Features Caribbean Art

Unearthing the Mysteries of the Caribbean

Design-Thinking Brought to Life at the School of Architecture


Serving a Community in Need

All Aboard the Carbon Cruise 

University of Miami Stands with Paris Accord

Science as Diplomacy

Science and Art Weave a Story on Climate Change

The College and the Arts

Unique Adaptations Help Ducks Thrive in the Andes

Designing a Resilient South Florida

Brain Pattern Flexibility and Behavior

Forum Spotlights Relevant Issues

Climate Change Puts Focus on Miami

Peru’s President Brings Hemispheric Vision to UM

Photographer Chases His Dream to Sevilla’s Holy Week

GIS Mapping Aims to Improve Health Care Access for Older Adults

Raising a Child with Autism

UM’s Innovative Technology Featured at eMerge Americas

The City Beautiful Confronts Climate Change

Miami Beach Reimagined

Communicating the Climate

Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon

Exploring the Invisible: Climate, Caves and Culture

Collaborating with Teachers

Visualizing Sea-Level Rise

Zoning in on Evacuation Plans

Green U Hosts Sea-Level Rise Panel Discussion

Swimming in the Flood

Finding the Perfect Grouping

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